Throwback Thursday: Blink-182 – M+M’s

So with the announcement that the original blink-182 line-up has reunited, with a world tour planned, and since we are on the eve of a brand new blink-182 song being released, it felt appropriate to throwback to one of the band’s earliest gems; “M+M’s” off of 1995’s Cheshire Cat.

I remember the first time I heard the song on the radio (I admit I didn’t realize it was an older song pre-dating Dude Ranch at the time) I was instantly captured by the insanely catchy, hyper-speed guitar line. And while Mark Hoppus is clearly not as advanced of a vocalist as he is now, there is still an undeniable charm to his youthful tone and endearing lyrics (“who’s gonna be the odd man out? I don’t want to be the odd man out. Is this going to be the end?”). And of course the juvenile humor was pure blink-182 (“there are only so many ways I can make love with my hand”).

I loved it then, and love it now. Surprisingly this album of the band’s has yet to be RIAA certified Gold. Maybe that will change soon as they get ready for what’s to come. So before diving into the next era of these pop-punk legends tomorrow, go back to where they started today with this classic track.

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