Music Video: Ghost Pavilion – Still on Ice

Los Angeles-based artist Ghost Pavilion (aka James Higgs) creates dreamy, aural soundscapes that whisper by like a warm, orange breeze or a downpour of silk rain. His latest single “Still on Ice” drifts along on hazy synths and beachy guitars while Higgs’ vocals pine with a frigid longing (“All this love it ain’t right, but we try with a heart still on ice”).

Giving visual life to the song is a new video that is more a collage of gorgeous, black and white footage, mixing peaceful nature scenes with slice-of-life moments from peoples’ interactions with each other. There’s a strong focus on relationships, both the romantic kind (an old couple dance, a middle aged couple drink wine together in robes, a young couple embrace each other) and platonic kind (a group of children sit together eating and talking). It’s this human element which helps the song speak to the viewer and relay extra layers of meaning to the song.

Watch the video above, and stream the track here.

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