Check This: The Strange Dream – Orange

Artist: The Strange Dream

Song: “Orange”

Genre: Psychedelic, Instrumental, Surf

Manchester-based duo The Strange Dream really knocked it out of the park on their first shot. Their debut single, “Orange”, is a mostly-instrumental track that conjures up Afrobeat rhythms and 60’s surf guitar lines that make it the perfect fit for a burning summer day by the water.

Of the track, the band said about the writing process:

We wrote the song after attending a happydaze gig at the Talleyrand im levenshulme. Inspired by the headline act and the rhythms we had not previously tried to incorporate into our songwriting. We found it somewhat challenging trying to create something outside the scope of what we normally would go to.  It turned into a fun exercise which allowed us to expand our creative pallets.”

This one certainly has me excited to hear what the group does next. Check it out in our Check This 2022 Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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