Music Video: The Feelings Parade – Too Much

It’s not often you go to review a new music video and are greeted immediately and unexpectedly by the face of a friend. That’s what happened to me upon viewing the video for “Too Much” by The Feelings Parade. The video features thirteen strangers listening to this song for the very first time. As it turns out, their first featured stranger in this video is no stranger to me at all.

“I was just walking down the street and they asked me,” says Talea Kingma, the very first face that we see, along with her daughter, in this cute heartfelt music video. I’m glad she said yes, because I really enjoyed seeing snippets of her reactions alongside the other twelve unsuspecting listeners (though I’m still not sure how “handcuffs” got brought into the conversation by one of the listeners – you’ll just have to watch it and see for yourself, hah).

“Too Much” focuses on what it’s like to live in the body of a woman who is just trying to exist in this world, the same as everyone else. Someone who doesn’t want to have to feel any fear when walking down the street by themselves. The Feelings Parade captures these feelings well with their simple, yet emotional, melody in this song. The lyrics really reach out and pull you in. This is a scenario that is relatable for me, and based on the reactions of some of the listeners in this video, is quite relatable to them as well.

I asked my friend what she thought of it – “Honestly, I felt pretty emotional, because it was unexpected and extremely relatable. I had [my daughter] with me, so I kinda realized she’d go through the same things – and that’s scary.”

Check out the music video above, and listen to The Feelings Parade debut album in full below:

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