Music Video: Dustbowl Revival – Best Day

In California band Dustbowl Revival‘s new video for “Best Day”, band leader Z’s mid-street fall leads to head trauma, rescue from a purple angel, driving around in a pink Cadillac convertible, and his bandmates dressed like dollar store super heroes. Once you hear how the song originated though, it’s even more crazy seeing how the track evolved into the video.

Inspired by Z’s wife passing out while six months pregnant, the soulful folk pop tune, which flows with a breezy ease off the dual-vocal dynamics and mellow horn accompaniment became the inspired tale of a man hitting his head, waking up with amnesia, and falling in love with the woman who found him and is taking him to the hospital. Unfortunately, the feeling isn’t mutual.

So while the song’s narrative isn’t full of happy endings, there’s nothing to make one frown while watching the bright, colorful video. Filmed in Los Angeles, the video finds the band performing while coasting down the street in the convertible, in a toy aisle of a local pharmacy, and even in the backyard of a daycare, surrounded by curious and confused toddlers.

Watch the fun video above, and stream the track below. Dustbowl Revival‘s new EP Set Me Free is out everywhere now.

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