Music Video: The Happy Fits – Little One

Taking inspiration from communal family experiences and A MUPPETS CHRISTMAS CAROL, indie rockers The Happy Fits turned their video for “Little One”, a song written for their future children, into a warm, funny and puppet-filled video. About the video, the band has said:

From the demo phase of “Little One”, I was getting an ethereal and otherworldly vibe. The song is a message to my future kid, so a kids-themed music video felt absolutely warranted. Every Christmas, my girlfriend’s family watches The Muppet Christmas Carol and the event is perhaps one of the most wholesome experiences on Earth. I wanted to channel a similar energy into the Little One video, so I made-up cute, alien puppet named Bilfo (crafted by the brilliant TJ Jacobs). I started planning the video with my good friend Christopher Pasi (who produced our ‘Get A Job’ & ‘What Could Be Better’ music videos) in early August this year. It was the most intense and coordinated music video we’ve ever made, requiring several different artists from puppeteers to set builders to animators to painters and prop makers; I think we used all of our art contacts at our disposal and then some. We set aside a weekend to paint the sets (lead by the amazing Juliette Hunter) and then the another 3 days to actually shoot the video. We ended up shooting until 4am on the second day, however, everyone was so inspired by the footage that we knew we had to finish strong.”

The song itself is a warm burst of catchy pop rock about life (“Growing up feels like free-falling”), love and getting older, which perfectly fits the video’s narrative of a strange little alien falling to earth and being raised by the band. The hardships the alien faces reflect both the normal pains of adolescence, as well as extra complications from being an illegal alien.

Watch the fun video above, and stream the track here!

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