Check This: Pino Farina Band – Microsun

Artist: Pino Farina Band

Song: “Microsun”

Genre: Alt Rock, Rock

Formed in 2018, Chicago-based alt rock band Pino Farina Band strike out to make the kind of memorable, big, hook-laden songs that have made U2 and Foo Fighters household names. Their debut album was awarded the Chicago Music Awards Rock album of the year, and recently they released their superb new single “Microsun”.

Inspired by the constant barrage of divisive news media and a desire to find a tranquil place to exists, “Microsun” begins with a threatening bass line and esoteric guitar melody that conures the anxiety created by the onslaught of media we struggle with. Farina’s vocals have a bluesy tinge, but soars large as the anthemic gang chorus takes off, screaming “Spinning off of the axis, I know it’s out of control, but it was already broken”.

If the band keeps writing songs like this, it won’t be a surprise if they are playing bills with some of their musical heroes in the year to come. Check out this memorable rocker in our Check This 2022 Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!


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