Music Video: Metecandriu – Bad in Good

Singer-songwriter Fiona McAndrew (who performs under the moniker Metecandriu) proves herself a double threat in her new video for the gentle acoustic song “Bad in Good”, which she animated herself.

The track, which finds McAndrew singing thoughtful prose (“I spend half my time trying to understand the human mind to see if I figure out how most dwell so poorly in our shared reality”) over a pretty melody, has a lovely, sunny cadence and peaceful vibe that fits perfectly with the animation.

Initially bringing her lyrics to life, with an animated dog and bunny scampering through the frame in black and white, the video soon becomes more vibrant and surreal, as colorful flowers grow in the frames and tiny tractors and bulldozers pick out the flowers. Later in the video, tiny men spray the flowers to kill the bugs which crawl over them.

It’s a fun visual for an eloquent song. Watch the video above and stream the track here.


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