Check This: Zeeteah Massiah – Wat a Ting

Artist: Zeeteah Massiah

Song: “Wat a Ting”

Album: Wat a Ting

Label: Creative Control

Genre: Reggae, Dancehall

The Barbados-born, London-raised Zeeteah Massiah has had quite a career already; a #1 dance hit in America, a starring role in a West End musical, and singing with the likes of Tom Jones, Sting and Robbie Williams. The artist, who released her first album in 2014, draws influences from reggae, dancehall, soul and jazz in the music she makes, and she’s not afraid of tackling a cover by a Gen Z artist (“Bad Guy”) or addressing the social/political climate as she does with a snarling sarcasm on the title track from her most recent single “Wat a Ting”.

Taking aim at conspiracy theorists and their “batshit” crazy ideas, Massiah recounts some of the madness she hears with a snarky and sarcastic lyrical bent (“They told me there’s Covid in 5G. They told me the earth is flat. I wonder if Google has a map for that?”) With “wah wah” guitars and thumping drums, the song has a fire burning underneath it, while Massiah’s hits a bullseye with a chorus that chants “Everyone’s gone crazy. Wat a ting, wat a tin” that may make you want to go crazy on the dance floor.

Check out this great track in our Check This 2023 Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!


1 Comment

  1. Such a memorable song and a total earworm. Everything ridiculous in my life is now branded as a Ting and I just move on. Brilliant song. Glorious Zeeteah.


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