Most Anticipated Albums of 2023

We are back! I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and New Years celebrations. 2022 was a great year for music, with albums coming out from so many favorite artists, it’s hard to believe there could be anything left to be excited for this year. That would be completely wrong to believe.

There’s a lot of great music to look forward to in 2023, and the below is a list of some of my personally most anticipated releases due or expected to be released this year. Some have been officially announced and dated, others have been teased with singles or updates, and a few are simply rumored. Yes, A few of these have been on past lists and maybe it’s insane to think this will be the year we get them (I’m looking at you The Cure), but if we do get all of these this year, 2023 will be quite the rocking year.

  1. The Gaslight Anthem – TBD (Release TBD)

When word first came that The Gaslight Anthem were reuniting, touring and writing LP6, I was over the moon. The New Jersey soul-punk rockers have been a favorite since first discovering them back in 2008, and knowing that frontman Brian Fallon, having now got three great solo albums out of his system, felt ready to get back with his bandmates to rock out again, could not have made me more excited. The band have recently shared photos of them in the studio, so definitely expect this one this year!

2. blink-182 – TBD (Release TBD)

Tom is back. This was the news that took the internet by storm, as blink-182 bounced back with the bouncy “Edging” earlier this year, notching another hit on the Billboard Top 100. Since then, the band has shared their excitement about the new album, while also not revealing any specifics about it. Whether the songs with Pharrell, Lil Uzi Vert and Grimes will be on this release or not is unknown, but having the three core members back together again promises a release to certainly get stoked on.

3. Ruston KellyThe Weakness (April 7, 2023)

Americana/dirt emo songwriter Ruston Kelly‘s last album was a thing of pure beauty, and Kelly has been leaking out song titles and photos from a video shoot online, basically guaranteeing we’ll be getting a new album of heartbreaking and uplifting music.

4. ParamoreThis is Why (Feb 10, 2023)

With the drop of the song “This is Why” last year, the three-piece pop-punk giant Paramore announced their new, post-punkish musical direction in funky style. It may have divided some fans, but I certainly found myself hooked on the track. Then “The News” hit, showing there was still some old school punk fury in the group. Hayley Williams remains one of the best front women in any genre, and her bandmates continue to show growth as musicians as they experiment and carve themselves out of any genre pigeonholes.

5. SamiamStowaway (March 31, 2023)

With the release of their excellent single “Lights Out Little Hustler”, 90’s punk rockers Samiam made it clear they were returning with a vengeance. And now with their first Los Angeles show in fifteen years announced opening for The Ataris, it’s more than likely that we’ll finally get a new album from these underrated NorCal heroes.

6. Peter Gabriel I/o (Release TBD)

With his original band Genesis finally retiring, any fan hopes of seeing that reunion happening can finally be put to rest. But, with the announcement of his first new album of original material in ages (along with a European tour), Peter Gabriel’s fans still have much to be excited for in 2023. And as the writer of “Solsbury Hill”, I will never not be interested in hearing new music from this genius.

7. Fall Out BoySo Much (For) Stardust (March 24, 2023)

Little is known about the new FOB album, except that the band started a clandestine campaign teasing their return last year, with ads in a Chicago newspaper and other subtle Easter eggs laid. Whether the group will continue in their pop-leaning direction, or return to rock, is unknown, but with so many hits under their belt, the band has room to experiment and have fun with whatever they drop next.

8. Matchbox Twenty – TBD (Release TBD)

I bought tickets to see MB20 at the Hollywood Bowl for 2020. In 2023, I will finally be able to use those tickets, and after Rob Thomas announcing that the recording of the new album was complete, it’s a certainty the band will have new material to play at their show. While no one expects the group to have the kind of mega-hits it used to, I’ll be surprised if this new album doesn’t have some incredible songs from the group responsible for “Push”, “Unwell” and “How Far We’ve Come”.

9. Better Than Ezra – TBD (Release Spring 2023)

While never as big as some of their fellow 90’s alt rock brethren, Better Than Ezra have always been one of the better and more interesting bands of that era. Recently Kevin Griffeth confirmed the group has a new album done and ready to be released this Spring, and I for one am excited to finally get some new music from the New Orleans band.

10. Lana Del ReyDid You Know There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd (March 24, 2023)

One of the reigning pop songwriters of our age, Lana Del Rey gave us the first taste of her new album with the title track last winter, and she hasn’t lost a step in her prowess. This will be another great addition to her catalogue.

11. Iggy PopEvery Loser (January 7, 2023)

One of the first new albums to come out this year. Every Loser finds the punk godfather working with a slew of new collaborators, including Travis Barker, Duff McKagan, the late Taylor Hawkins, and Uber-producer Andrew Watts. The first two singles rock harder than anything we’ve heard from Pop in a while, so expect to be a new high water mark for the legend.

12. LuceroShould’ve Learned by Now (Feb 24, 2023)

So truth be told, I’ve already been able to hear this album. If you’re a fan of the band’s work, this one won’t disappoint you. It’s more rock n’ roll, but also has some interesting sojourns into new territory, such as the piano-driven “Raining for Weeks”.

13. Taking Back Sunday – TBD (Release TBD)

While still very active in 2022, collaborating with Steve Aoki and The Maine, it’s been a bit since we’ve gotten a full album of new music from the Long Island emo veterans. From what the band have been saying on socials, a new album is on the way and it’s likely we’ll get it in 2023.

14. Green Day – TBD (Release TBD)

On TikTok, Green Day have shared videos of them recording new music in London, hinting at a potential title; “1972”. Whether that sticks remains to be scene, but it’s clear the band is up to something, and after having slain crows on their Hella Mega Tour, there’s clearly still a love for the band worldwide, so don’t expect them to go away anytime soon.

15. The Strokes – TBD (Release tBD)

I’m going to admit, The Strokes‘ last album The New Abnormal really wasn’t my bag. Despite being one of their most successful albums in ages, I couldn’t get into it. Still, hearing that the band just recorded a new album with Rick Rubin on top of a mountain in South America makes me curious to see what the NY rockers have up their sleeve for their new release.

16. The CureSongs of a Lost World (Release TBD)

Goddamnit, this album isn’t out yet? How many years have I had it on our Most Anticipated lists? Even Robert Smith said on Twitter that it would be out in 2022. *sigh*. We DID finally get an album title last year, and the band debuted two of the new songs live during their European tour. Why they haven’t released it yet is anyone’s guess, but if we don’t finally get it in 2023 then I think it’s clear the band is simply fucking with us all.

17. Reese McHenry – TBD (Release TBD)

I was a huge fan of North Carolina rocker Reese McHenry‘s last album No Dada, so I was excited when she announced on Facebook that she had two albums worth of material ready to come out. Unfortunately news of her battle with cancer always was revealed. So while our main hopes are that she makes a full recovery, our second hope is to get an album of new material of the talented songwriter in 2023.

18. Social Distortion – TBD (Release TBD)

Another one that has been lingering on this list with The Cure for a number of years. Frontman Mike Ness did reveal in an interview last December that the band has been still working on the new album, and that they are trying to choose between all the songs they have recorded. Will they finish up with their decision making this year to finally release something? Fingers crossed.

19. Queens of the Stone Age – TBD (Release TBD)

While Josh Homme has been plagued with some personal life drama the last year, his appearances at the Taylor Hawkins memorials show he’s still clearly in the game. Word has it the band has been working on a new album, so we’ll see if we get something from the desert rockers this year.

20. Alexi Murdoch – TBD (Release TBD)

It’s been a long time since the folk songwriter released new music. While he did say new music was coming on Twitter last year, it’s anybody’s guess what timetable he’s working with. If we do finally get some new tunes from him this year, they will be very welcome.

Also to Keep an Ear Out For:

Mod SunGod Save the Teen (Feb 3, 2023)

Sunny WarAnarchist Gospel (Feb 3, 2023)

GorillazCracker Island (Feb 24, 2023)

Story of the YearTear Me to Pieces (March 10, 2023)

Cake – TBD (Release TBD)

Courtney Love – TBD (Release TBD)

The Hives – TBD (Release TBD)

Janelle MonĂ¡e – TBD (Release TBD)

The Killers – TBD (Release TBD)

MxPx – TBD (Release TBD)

Nathan Gray & The Iron Roses – TBD (Sept/Oct 2023)

The Rolling Stones – TBD (Release TBD)

Sum 41Heaven and Hell (Release TBD)

U2 – TBD (Release TBD)

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