Campaign: Get These Albums on Spotify (#2)!

Back in 2019, we did our first Campaign to get five albums currently not on streaming services finally up for fans to listen to. So far, four of the five albums we campaigned for have reached streamers (the one hold out being Gin Blossoms‘ excellent Major Lodge Victory, which is stuck due to the label they released it on going under and the band not owning the masters).

As we start 2023, we have identified five other albums that currently are not on streaming services. I do not know the reasons behind their absence (if you know, please comment below), but it would be awesome to see these excellent pieces of music get on (or back on) streamers in 2023.

  1. PelaAnytown Graffiti

Before they became the band Augustines, singer/songwriter William McCarthy and bassist Eric Sanderson were in a Brooklyn-based band called Pela, who released the excellent debut album Anytown Graffiti in 2007. The band’s melodic yet muscular brand of indie rock showcased excellent songwriting throughout, such as on the wistful “Trouble with River Cities” or the gem “Lost to the Lonesome“. Released on indie label Great Society, it’s possible that label is null and preventing the album from hitting streaming services. Whatever the case, this is an album that deserved to be heard by more people, and hopefully one of these days it will be.

2. Madden BrothersGreetings from California

While taking a break from their main band Good Charlotte, Joel and Benji Madden released this soulful, gospel-inflected album that took them in new musical directions. The excellent first single “We Are Done” was a 60’s-styled R&B rave-up, while “Brother” is still one of the most moving tracks the Maddens have written. At some point the album was on Spotify, but it’s currently inactive on the app. Not sure why Capitol Records is sitting on it, but hopefully the band can work out whatever issues there are and return this great work to the world.

3. ZwanMary Star of the Sea

Released in 2003 while Billy Corgan’s main band Smashing Pumpkins was on hiatus, Zwan found Corgan exploring power pop influences, such as on first single “Honestly“, a beautiful love song that stands among some of Corgan’s best. The band dissolved only seven months after the release of their debut album, reportedly due to strife within the band. It’s rumored the group left a bad taste in Corgan’s mouth, which is perhaps why he has decided not to revisit the work and left it off streamers. Whatever the case, I hope he knows the album has fans (like me) and it would be great to have access to it on streamers. Maybe with its twenty year anniversary coming up, Corgan will be open to revisiting it.

4. Cowboy MouthVoodoo Shoppe

Released shortly after Katrina ravaged their hometown of New Orleans, Voodoo Shoppe was an album of beautiful healing, with tracks like “The Avenue” paying homage the vibrant life and music of the city. And while that song has made it onto Spotify as part of a compilation from the band, other great tracks from the album like The Clash ode “Joe Strummer” and “This Much Fun” are still nowhere to be heard. The label that released it, Eleven Thirty, has gone dormant, which is likely part of the problem. This is the album that helped me discover Cowboy Mouth, so hopefully it can get onto the streamers so I can rediscover it and other people can dive in for the first time.

5. YellowcardThe Underdog EP

Yellowcard made their big return to the live stage last year (despite frontman William Ryan Key shining doubt on that happening in our interview) and this year will mark the twentieth anniversary of this EP. While Key stated in our interview that there were no plans for a digital or vinyl re-release of the EP this year, he also didn’t think Yellowcard would be touring again, so anything is possible. Perhaps it is Fueled By Ramen preventing the EP from being everywhere (this was the band’s one and only release on the label), but whatever the case, incredible songs like “Powder” aren’t getting the exposure they deserve as long as this EP remains so hard to hear. Also while you’re at it YC, get Sony to release “Gifts and Curses” from the Spider-Man 2 soundtrack on streamers!


So do you think we’ll get any of these onto streaming services this year? Any albums you noticed are missing that you would like to see uploaded? Let us know!


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