Check This: Jake Huffman – Martyr

Artist: Jake Huffman

Song: “Martyr”

Album: TBD EP

Label: Groover Obsessions

Genre: Rock, Indie Rock, Pop Rock

After spending time with his viral band McLovins, indie rock songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jake Huffman decided to rediscover himself as a solo artist. After spending time recording his new EP at the Powerstation New England studio, last week he shared the first taste of his new music, “Martyr”. About the single, Huffman has said:

“The lyrics aren’t about what I personally believe. Everywhere I look people are spouting their beliefs while contradicting themselves in the same breath. The world has become so polarizing and I wanted this song to encapsulate that energy.”

Playing all the instruments on the song, Huffman’s drumming stands out confidently on the new track. More subtle is the shimmering guitar parts, that create an alluring atmosphere around Huffman’s sumptuous, melodic vocals. With the backing vocals chanting “If you know what’s good for you” in response to Huffman’s lyrics, you can sense an instant hook that audiences will eat up.

It’s a stellar track, so take a listen to it in our Check This 2023 playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!


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