Bad Ass Break-Out: Nick Hersom

Multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter Nick Hersom has been playing music for most of his life, but due to some hardships, had to put this passion on hiatus for a long period. Thankfully, last year he was able to end his hiatus and release his debut solo album, Revenant, and music fans should be thankful he did as there’s a lot of clear talent on display in the songs on this album that deserve to reach a wider audience.

Take first single “High Frequency”. The mid-tempo alt folk track pulses with an amiable energy, while Hersom switches between a folksy drawl and falsetto. Lyrically, Hersom captures the uneasiness of feeling out of one’s league (“You’re at such a high frequency, and you scare the shit right out of me”) without making the song anxiety-inducing.

I would say “Grammar Fuzz” is even better; a burly, soulful rock song that has echos of groups like Kings of Leon. The musicianship isn’t showy, but the wistful guitar solo is the kind that could inspire up-and-coming guitarists to give it a shot, and the rhythm section keeps a steady pace that pushes the song uphill without tiring. And while this number is more serious, Hersom shows off a more playful side on “Far-Less”, a grooving number that could get people moving on the dance floor.

Blending folk, rock, indie and alternative, Hersom sounds comfortable in his skin as a player and singer. Most importantly, his songs have heart, which can’t be faked. Take a listen to a few of Nick Hersom‘s songs in our Bad Ass Break-Outs Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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