Check This: Loki’s Folly – Beaches and Peaches

Artist: Loki’s Folly

Song: “Beaches and Peaches”

Album: Sisu (Feb 21, 2023)

Label: Kitten Robot Records

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative, Pop Punk

There is something undeniably pure in sound and spirit in the music of Loki’s Folly. Maybe it’s because the South Minneapolis band is so young (Annie (age 21) plays guitar and sings, Nissa (age 16) plays the drums and sings, while Oskar (age 12) plays the bass). Maybe it’s just that they’re fresh to the music world and simply making music they love with humor and heart. Whatever it is, I certainly was not immune from the charms of their latest single “Beaches and Peaches”. About the song, the band has said:

“Beaches and Peaches” is a song that started off as goofing off during a practice session trying to rhyme different fruits and vegetables while slowly intermixing stronger feelings about the state of the world as we went along. The end result felt like the perfect description of the uncertain and uncomfortable future that seems imminent. Maybe trying to bring some humor into the anxiety over things like climate change, politics, and where humanity will be in the next number of years.

From the jolly, perfectly imperfect harmonizing, to the bouncy drum beat and jangly guitars, to lyrics like “I’m sitting on the beaches, eating peaches, the government is corrupt”, you can’t listen to this track and not smile. Coming in at under two minutes, Loki’s Folly are aiming for the title of the Next Great Garage Band, and they may already have my vote.

Check out this track in our Check This 2023 Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!


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