World Watch: Roller Derby

Country: Germany

Briding the gap between nostalgic, wavey 80s sounds and modern indie pop, Hamburg’s Roller Derby have quickly taken off since forming in early 2020. The trio (Philine Meyer (vocals, keys), Manuel Romero Soria (guitar) and Max Nielsen (bass)) played their first concert in 2021, and by spring 2022, they had played SXSW, The Great Escape and their first London show at The Moth Club. On February 1st, they released their debut EP Always On My Mind.

Tracks like “Starry-Eyed” sound like if Nico had survived into the 80’s and become a fan of groups like Depeche Mode and New Order. Lyrics like “Talk to me, I want to feel your misery” reach out with morose empathy, even as the guitars flutter with a new wave sheen. The EP’s title track is an effervescent pop rock number that embraces with a lovely warmth (and as Philine sings “You said you would never let me go”, that embrace feels even stronger).

Earlier tracks like “Flying High” have the same style of dramatic, syrupy vocals over synthy melodies, while “Can’t See You” is a dreamy number that has as much Cranberries in its DNA as 80’s music.

Get to know this band to watch by hearing a couple of their tracks in our World Watch Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!


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