New Music Friday: February 3, 2023

Welcome to February, which is kicking off with an eclectic mix of new music. First, we’ve got the new album from folk/blues punk songwriter Sunny War, who truly trailblazes on a path of her own. The same can be said about The Go! Team, who have always sounded unlike anyone else, and take that even further with a slew of international collaborations on their new album. Young Fathers are also pushing the boundaries of indie, hip-hop and alt rock with their new music. While Mod Sun isn’t reinventing the wheel with his sound, he’s one of the most passionate voices in the pop-punk sphere today, and is furthering his journey to connect with fans with his new album. Lastly, Somebody’s Child takes the boldness and hooks of groups ranging from U2 to The Fray, crafting instantly catch pop rock that is instantly enjoyable.

Australia’s Alex Lahey announced her new album this week, and has the third song from it out for us. There’s a new punk track from Bayside, and more catchy pop rock from American Authors and Rosie. We’ve got some alt pop from Neriah and Anna Shoemaker, and lovely new folk from The Tallest Man on Earth.

We’ve got returns from Powfu, Sun Room, Hundred Reasons, Inhaler, Logic, Colony House and Geese. And while it’s their first time on our list, you should really get to know these songs from Raue, Snows of Yesteryear, Frank Ivy, Crush, SM6, Darcy Fox, Pete Francis, Mighty Poplar, TV Star, Guero, Katie Boeck and The Rural Alberta Advantage.

If you haven’t followed our New Music Friday Playlist yet on Spotify or Apple Music, get to it now and start listening to all of this great new music.



  1. Fab write-up today, and plenty of stuff to dive into for the first Friday of Feb! (A lot of F’s!) I’ll also be sure to follow your Spotify playlist when I next get a chance x


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