Throwback Thursday: Houston Calls – Exit, Emergency

I still have my iPod classic. I’ve kept it on it’s charging speaker station the last 4+ years the half-bathroom in my apartment. It only gets listened to once a day, and it’s been on shuffle, going through the nearly 10k songs on it. Sometimes I’m surprised by what comes on as it plays. Those surprises are often the best.

Last week, early aughts pop-punk band Houston Calls‘ “Exit Emergency” came on. Damn, I had forgotten this song even existed, but I remembered loving it back when I first heard it in 2005. It was a crazy catch jam that had me singing along the chorus in my head over and over again (even though I just this week realized the line was “might even forget your name”. I looked at my page – I hadn’t listened to the track since 2009. It was time to put this one back in rotation for sure.

Then look what happens – this week, Drive-Thru Records announces a first-time vinyl reissue of the band’s debut album A Collection of Short Stories, and I see that the band is playing a 20th Anniversary show in Asbury Park, NJ. It almost feels like it was planned for my iPod to bring this song back to my attention at this time.

The pop-punk gods work in mysterious ways. Join me in throwing back to this catchy classic.


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