Album Review: Lil Yachty – Let’s Start Here.

Up until early last week, I could not name a single Lil Yachty song. I thought I had enough of an understanding of his music to know what to expect. So let me start this review by asking the reader to take whatever understanding or expectation they may have of Lil Yachty and set it aside. Allow his latest effort, Let’s Start Here., to be…well, a new beginning. 

Within just a minute of the album’s opener “the BLACK seminole.,” it’s blatantly obvious that the listener is in for a journey. It begs your attention with its wandering synth, powerful drum fill, and swelling guitar/bass groove. A nearly seven minute psychedelic trip, “the BLACK seminole.” feels like it was plucked straight from a Pink Floyd recording session. Its strong guitar solos, floating synth, and emotional guest vocals by Diana Gordon will leave you with a dropped jaw.

Yachty wastes no time after this bold opener to address the unexpected change in style. The opening line on “the ride-“ just feels too direct to be an accident (“don’t ask no questions on the ride”). It is my official recommendation to do just that, enjoy the listen and ask no questions. Accompanied by an almost 80’s synthwave backing track, I see “the ride-“ as a more defining track to the entire album while “the BLACK seminole” is a statement piece.

Notes of funk, soul, disco, old school hip-hop, and even industrial/prog rock are scattered all throughout this departure album. Much of the beauty of Let’s Start Here. comes with the collaborators Yachty chose. Outside of guest vocals from Diana Gordon, Teezo Touchdown, and Fousheé, Yachty enlists names such as Mac DeMarco, Alex G, members of MGMT and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and more. 

And I think that is what makes this the most impressive new album in his genre. Yachty’s change in sound, his commitment to the production, and his partners throughout has gotten every corner of the music-verse talking. I’ll admit, it took me a second to adjust to his vocal style. But, referring back to my official recommendation of not asking questions, trusting Yachty in what he is trying to accomplish allows the rest to fall into place.  

From the disco jam “drive ME crazy!,” to the heavy trip “IVE OFFICIALLY LOST ViSiON!!!!,” to the thoughtful spoken word “:(failure(:,” we guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised with Lil Yachty‘s latest. Listen to the full album on Spotify below:


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