Check This: Reminders – International Dial Tone

Artist: Reminders

Song: “International Dial Tone”

Label: Venn Records/Wiretap Records

Genre: Punk, Rock, Alternative

A sleep British island would not be the place most people would expect to discover the next great punk band (or any band for that matter), but beach punks Reminders are looking to prove that theory wrong. After birthing the break-out alternative group Wet Leg, the Isle of Wight has also given birth to this trio who write pop-leaning punk songs that are sharp, fast and endlessly hooky. Following the release of their 2022 compilation Best of Beach Punk, Reminders have dropped their first single of 2023, the excellent “International Dial Tone”.

Inspired by a failed transatlantic relationship and the sound made when calling an international number, “International Dial Tone” is just over two minutes of unbridled sugar-buzz guitars and irresistibly melodic vocals. The lyrics throw in a dash of humor (“I heard you let yourself go, but the grapevine’s overgrown, so I could have gotten that wrong”) to soften the heartbreak (“I heard you’re doing okay in a masochistic way, I’m waiting for you to fall. Cause I remember the day you threw it all in my face. Said you didn’t want to know me at all!”), and the chorus is a perfect crowd singalong.

So let this be a reminder to check out Reminders‘ new single in our Check This 2023 Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!


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