Banger of the Week: Grade 2 – Under the Streetlight

UK punk trio Grade 2 blast out classic-sounding punk rock that is uncompromising and delicately balances on the edge between hardcore and melodic sensibilities. The band’s music swings at you like a punch to the face but then claps you on the back and buys you a beer; strong but welcoming to all those who listen.

Their self-titled third album is dropping this Friday, February 17th, and the band’s first single from the fifteen track collection, “Under the Streetlight”, may be their best yet.

“I’ve lived to see both sides of the coin. Some people I know don’t care if they live or die…so tonight, we’re gonna leave them behind!” opens the the track in a surprisingly subdued moment for such a powerful statement. The track then kicks things off to 11 with the kind of slamming drums and rip-roaring riffs the band is known for. Helping the track stand out are the gang vocals, barreling the anthem chorus through the speakers like a stampede through an old west bar, destroying everything in its path.

This is one that will turn crowds into rabid moshers, unleashing circle pits worldwide. Get your fists pumping by blasting this from our Bangers of the Week playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!


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