Check This: Fool’s Union – America

Artist: Fool’s Union

Song: “America”

Label: Red Coast Records

Genre: Rock, Alt Rock, Hard Rock

While Canada is constantly producing fantastic musicians and bands, those groups still hold up America as the Holy Grail of music, and where all bands hope to make it big. It’s this glamorizing of the American rock n’ roll dream that has inspired Ontario’s Fool’s Union‘s latest single “America”.

The third track released from their pandemic-delayed next album, the track incorporates some of the best elements of indie and American southern rock in its sound. The track opens with a bouncy power-pop beat, with singer Nick Cino harmonizing with drummer Adam Cannon, conjuring the Britpop harmonies of Oasis. Lyrically, the track is as much about the idolization of the ideal America as it is about feeling trapped in your home (“I’ve been trying to be free of the shit you put on me. There’s a whole world there to see, and its waiting there for me”).

Still, once in a while it’s nice to hear a bands from other countries still see some of the good in America, despite our many flaws. Let this fun track remind you by listening to it in our Check This 2023 Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!


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