Lost Gems: Death on Wednesday – Wait for Love

What feels like a million years ago (actually May 2003), I saw the band Death on Wednesday open for Face to Face at UCSB’s Fiji Islander concert. The band was no faceless punk group – their songs stood out, having a healthy dose of rockabilly infused in their punk rock and vocals that could have belonged to a 50’s crooner. I started getting into their music, with my favorite track being the strutting single “Wait for Love”.

“She comes walking in, as I watch her through dark eyes of sin…she’s on fire, I’ll be the one that puts her out”, lyrics like this over the bands jagged, stuttering beat create a breath of confident charisma right off the bat, but it’s the smooth chorus that really makes the song pop. “I won’t wait for love, I’m tired and frustrated. And I won’t look for love when I know it can’t be found” – words that spoke directly to my college-aged, hopeless romantic brain.

The song came out on the group’s 2006 Songs To _____ To EP, which is sadly not on any streaming services (nor is the band’s album Buying the Lie). And based on the band’s socials, they haven’t been active in nearly 10 years, so not sure if we’ll ever get a proper digital release of it, which is a bummer cause their early material deserves to be heard.

At least someone uploaded the track to YouTube so we could all hear it. Take a listen and maybe if the band finds this post, they’ll make the effort to get their earlier material up for all ears to hear.



  1. Awesome one of my favorite bands still I too saw them open up for face to to face at UCSB but before I saw them open for social distortion a few months before. Wish they would make a comeback


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