Music Video: [mila] – Thuong Qua is Vietnamese for I Love You

If music is your weapon, then blast it!

In Boston-based band [mila]‘s video for their new single “Thuong Qua is Vietnamese for I Love You”, a mysterious anti-music agent attempts to disrupt the listening of various people, only to have them stand-up for themselves by incapacitating him with the band’s single. Despite this clever, fun narrative, even more engaging is the band’s performance, which shows off a captivating and charming energy.

The song itself is a pure, effervescent alt-pop bop. The group has said about the track:

“”Thuong Qua” is a song about being face to face with things you know are toxic, and wanting to have the strength to choose things that are more wholesome and healthy for you. On a macro level, it’s about vaping. On a micro level, it’s about love.

Whatever level of it speaks to you, it’s hard not to embrace a song as light and feel-good as this one. Watch the video above and stream the track here.


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