Banger of the Week: Seiran – Yuragi (feat Nân)

Combining the worlds of Australia’s and Japan’s metalcore, Seiran have proven themselves a massive act in their hemisphere of the world, but have so far remained under the radar here in the States. With their latest single “Yuragi”, featuring Nân from the band Windrunner, their aggression is palpable, yet balances with a nuanced melody that highlights the atmospheric sensibilities of the group.

Virtuosic drumming is on display immediately, creating the sense that this track could go in any direction. The guitars are understated, providing a solid metallic base for Shin and Nân to work off of. Vocalist Shin shows off a range from ravenous screams to soaring wails. The track is immensely heavy, but still finds a way to seep into your soul with its shredding emotional core.

If you need something to help you rage through the day, tune into Seiran‘s new banger in our Bangers of the Week Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!


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