Comeback Alert: Jimmie’s Chicken Shack – Simple Concept

It’s 1999, and Maryland funk-metal band Jimmie’s Chicken Shack are introduced to the mainstream music world through the bouncy, ska-tinged alt rock hit “Do Right”. The track is all over modern rock radio, and its video gets play on MTV. And then…the band fades into memory as the 2000’s hit. Categorized as another one-hit wonder from the wacky 90s.

The truth is, the band were sort of falsely sold to the world with “Do Right”, as most of their music was much heavier and hard-rock leaning than that hit. And the band didn’t go away; following their 1999 breakthrough, they released albums in 2004 and 2008. But then they went quiet, and considering it’s been fifteen years, you may think they were gone for good.

Nope – the band is back, and with one of their catchiest singles in decades. Their new single, “Simple Concept”, feels more true to the group’s actual sound, with some gravel in the vocals, heavier riffs and the drums and bass packing a hard rock punch. But the track also pops with a big chorus of “whoas” and hooky lines like “We don’t care who you are, so just shut up and play guitar” (which leads to an aptly placed guitar solo).

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see this song get some love on Active Rock radio, re-engage old fans and make them some new ones. It’s time to revisit the chicken shack. Take a listen to it here!


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