Music Video: Catholic Guilt – Live for the Rush

When you’ve seen as many music videos as I have, and have been a part of making music videos as well, you gain an appreciation for both the well-made, high budget videos that stand out as art pieces, and the no-budget clips made with the spirit of fun and silliness on full display.

Australian alt-rockers Catholic Guilt certainly fall into the latter category with their video for “Live for the Rush”. Cutting between the band giving a depressing, no-energy performance in black and white, and a bottle of “Live for the Rush” drink adventuring across town, at the beach (scoping out some other bottles sun bathing), and eventually making it to the studio, it’s clear the band did not have much dinero in order to make a video for their catchy, punk-leaning single.

But when you see the band members hamming it up as the bottle arrives, changing them into fully colored, enthusiastic performers, the simple joy the group is experiencing making the video comes through and helps give the song a more fervent energy. It’s a reminder of the DIY lifestyle that many bands have since they’re all just scraping by in order to continue doing what they love.

Watch the video above, and stream the track here.


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