New Music Friday: March 31, 2023

It feels like everyone and their mother decided the final day of March would be a great day to drop a new album. I normally do my best to keep our NMF playlists at a manageable length, but there was simply too much great new music out today to ignore. Here’s the new albums out you need to hear:

boygeniusThe Record

SamiamStowaway (read our review of it here)

City and ColourThe Love Still Held Me Near (read our review of it here)

Baaba Maal Being

Andrew McMahon in the WildernessTilt at the Wind No More (read our review here)

The Hold SteadyThe Price of Progress

The New PornographersContinue as a Guest

DMA’sHow Many Dreams?

MichiganderIt Will Never Be the Same (read our interview with him here)

And of course, there are plenty of new singles we also have to highlight. There are new singles from Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, Jenny Lewis and The Beths. Punk legends Tim Armstrong and Jesse Michaels (of Operation Ivy) have formed a new band Doom Regulator, and dropped their new single.

There’s new punk/alt tracks from Crossed Keys, Dolo Tonight, Spanish Love Songs covering Jimmy Eat World, and Midtown covering Pavement. The Smashing Pumpkins have a solid new track out, and the Phil Firetog Trio continue to impress with their new one. Be Your Own Pet make a triumphant return with their new track, and The Dead Bolts continue to prove themselves a rock band to watch with their latest.

And some of the great artists you haven’t heard of yet that we’re including this week are Albert Kass, The Watson Twins, Rebounder, decker., Wicca Phase Spring Eternal, Zac, Superviolet, Jody and the Terms, Damoyee, Yonaka, Deadbeat Girl, Jordan Duffy, Scowl, Downtown Kayoto and Luna Clipse.

If you’re as excited for these albums as I am, follow our New Music Friday Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music and start listening!


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