Music Video: Jon Wiilde – Carry On

70’s cop films and buddy-cop comedies inspired the latest video from performer/songwriter/producer Jon Wiilde. It’s a unique choice for the soul-sampling, psych-hop track, with its trippy arrangements and laid-back flow, but that’s part of the appeal.

About the song, Wiilde has said:

“’Carry On’ is faith in the process. A lot of music today is here today gone tomorrow, but the music that flows through and resonates is here to last. Every day is a practice in being alive and living in a true state of artistry. Finding the awe in the obvious, and translating each kick drum, key pluck, and soul sample into a reflection of the present moment. The present is all we have, and all we’ll ever know. Faith in this process is confidence in life and the journey itself.”

“That’s why when ‘Carry On’ plays you feel the conviction. You feel the energy of ‘don’t fuck with me this is here to stay.’ This ain’t for vanity or clout, this is for the love of music and the journey itself. No matter what car you drive, or drug you take, the art itself is a reflection of the individual. When it rings true to self it rings true to others. Truth has a funny undeniability to it.”

The video itself is also undeniably amusing, with Wiilde perfection capturing the stoner-detective part, with a cast of character donning retro t-shirts, vintage bell bottoms, and fake handlebar mustaches. There are even some “mind-blowing” special effects thrown in for extra kitsch. It’s a fun ride for a cool song. Watch the video above and stream the track here.


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