World Watch: Keturah

Country: Malawi

Keturah‘s story is one of perseverance and talent overcoming hardship. Raised in the rural countryside of Malawi (South Eastern Africa), at fourteen and with her parents gone, she set off to Malawi’s second largest city to look for a recording studio. She soon became a celebrity in her home country, and would have a chance meeting with Harlan Steinberger, owner of Hen House Studios in Venice Beach. This led to Keturah flying for the first time to Los Angeles to record her new album.

The singer/songwriter’s music is a serene, dazzling blend of folk and afropop that brings sunshine with it. The first single from her upcoming new album, “Kwanumkwanu”, features a lovely, finger-picked acoustic guitar melody and Keturah‘s soothing vocals flowing over them, singing a mix of English and Chichewa lyrics.

The songs from her 2021 EP Mafunde are just as delightful. Opener “Munditengereko” uses a stuttering beat and gorgeous harmonies to bring a sturdiness to its folk-rock heart, while the title track is positively soulful. And stand-alone single “Khalidwe” is a spritely folk track duet with Giddes.

With her debut album coming May 19th, get familiar with Keturah‘s music now by listening to a couple tracks in our World Watch Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!


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