Bad Ass Break-Out: Güero

“The world is so complicated; our music is a vibe to be used however the listener feels; put the record on in the background or dive deep and peel back the layers

There’s always something to be said about music that creates a specific atmosphere or “vibe”, enhancing the mood or feelings of the moment. Sacramento four-piece Güero have certainly shown they have a clear knack for it. Releasing music since 2018, the self-proclaimed “indie skate rock” band write songs that feel like they could be from some lost era. Their latest single “Gone Away” (from upcoming album Wednesday, out April 7th) is a haunting lament, filled with psychedelic wah wah guitars out of a Doors session, but mixed in with somber harmonies from a rustic folk album hidden away in an Appalachian thrift store.

More relaxed is “Stream of Light”, with its Beach Boys-styled backing vocals and drifting lilt. It’s the kind of track you would put on at daybreak while warming up for the day’s first surf session. It’s a song that may not hit you on first listen; it took me a couple listens to start fully appreciating its numerous production layers and details. Much more immediate is the charm of earlier single “Choo Choo”, with its jangly guitars and Laurel Canyon folk rock melodies. One would think listening to it that Güero were passing around doobies with David Crosby and Neil Young on a patio while messing around with acoustic guitars and singing with the Santa Ana winds.

There’s an effortlessness to the songwriting that is enviable. Even with the intricate keys and shifting chords on songs like “Scribe”, the band makes every composition sound entirely natural. This is a band you need to know, cause tracks like these are going to be shared over thousands of mood playlists in time.

For now, check them out in our Bad Ass Break-Outs Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!


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