World Watch: Les Lullies

Country: France

Montpellier’s Les Lullies are true devotees to the beauty of underground rock n’ roll. Their garage rock meets punk rock, peppered with power pop sound takes influence from groups like The Saints, The MC5 and even Jackie DeShannon, and for their upcoming sophomore album Mauvaise Foi (out May 19th), the group decided to sing in their native tongue, and the first taste of it, single “Zero Ambition”, is a blast even if you don’t speak French.

Sounding like a lost nugget from a forgotten 70’s band, the entire rhythm section slaps hard enough to leave a mark. It has the pogo-power of any great Ramones song, with strong, clear vocal delivery the packs a punch. For those of you who’s French is as rusty as mine, about the song the band says”“One’s gotta admit that the way we’re fed success and ambition sucks big time. We’re against it with this biography of a punk song.”

Of course, their older tracks aren’t too shabby either. “Let it Out” is pure old school punk rock, dirty guitars, thrashing drums, murky vocals and all. “You’re Doing Wrong” shows off some thrilling guitar play and has enough energy to power a jet fighter over the Atlantic. The call-and-response vocals reveal the band’s pop knack, and is simply purely fun.

Take a listen to a couple of these jams in our World Watch Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!


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