Music Video: Shark Legs – Jaguar Shark

Seattle’s Shark Legs spent their pandemic downtime redeveloping their sound and stage show, and while I can’t yet speak to the latter, it definitely sounds like they had success with the former based on their recent single “Jaguar Shark”. A disco-licious dance-rock track filled with shiny synths and a grooving bass line, the song paints a picture of an oblivious character with narcissistic intention and an inability to admit failure (i.e. a Jaguar Shark).

And for an indie band, they have a self-produced a surprisingly great video for the song, directed by The Wanderous‘s Ryan Villasant. Spoofing a home shopping network-style show selling Sharkman-brand outdated vinyl and cassette players, the video is filled with absurdist imagery, as band members play phone operators in a variety of costumes. There’s even a neon-lit dance sequence to at that extra level of comical irreverence.

So good song? Check. Fun video? Check. In-video phone number that actually works (try it)? Check. Now it’s time for you to check them out – watch the video above, and stream the song here.


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