Check This: Bianca James – Monaco

Artist: Bianca James

Song: “Monaco”

Album: Bianca James (summer 2023)

Genre: Retro Pop, R&B, Classic Pop

Certain sounds never get old. The style of classic R&B, Motown and retro pop continues to inspire artists to this day, and Toronto artist Bianca James‘ has successfully picked up the torch for her debut single “Monaco”. Having been enamored by the sounds of 60’s pop, soul and rock n’ roll since she was young, James dreamed of playing music like that with a killer backing band. I can certainly imagine that with this slapping new track. About “Monaco”, James has said:

 “’Monaco’ is the artistic embodiment of wanting more. It’s a fantasy about escaping the greyness of daily life, throwing your high heels in a suitcase and flying somewhere glamorous where you can be a wilder version of yourself.

Listening to the song, with it’s swinging rhythm, buzzing sax and Ventures-inspired guitars, it instantly transports you back to another era. As a vocalist, James has just the right amount of soul and confidence in her delivery. She keeps the spirit of the song fun and dazzling, and begs you to join the party she’s throwing.

Become familiar with this artist now before she’s conquering continents with her future backing band. Listen to “Monaco” in our Check This 2023 Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music.


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