Check This: EG Vines – The Swim

Artist: EG Vines

Song: “The Swim”

Album: Dance Moves (June 23, 2023)

Label: Birdtooth Records

Genre: Pop-Punk, Garage Rock, Alternative

So many people accept a working life in the doldrums; do what you have to do to survive without questioning it. Well, EG Vines did question it, and made the decision to escape from the trap of what you “should do” and sought to do what he wanted to do – make music. Drawing from a number of alternative rock influences spanning three decades, Vines has found his own spirited sound, and infuses his lyrics with his positive world view. Take recent single “The Swim” as an example.

If you just were to focus on the opening guitar riffs, with their anthemic, stadium-ready melody, you would already feel inspired. But as things get crunchier, Vines comes in with lyrics like “Take me to the ocean, watch me drown. I’ll find myself on solid ground”, reflecting the optimistic outlook he’s curated. There’s a pure, carpe-diem outlook here, as Vine becomes determined to “find a better way”. The song brings in some classic, surfy backing vocal harmonies that just add to the sunniness of the song.

Get in on the feel-good vibes and check out the track in our Check This 2023 Playlist on Spotify!


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