New Music Friday: May 5, 2023

No Justin Timberlake memes here, but I’m happy it’s May and summer is around the corner. The month is kicking off with a new albums by the underground rapper Atmosphere. You can also blast the latest from Philly punk band Crossed Keys (read our review here), and soundtrack your chill summer evenings with the latest from Bailen (see our review of it here) and the long-awaited new album from Peter One (read about his classic album that was almost lost here). We’re also giving space to a great up-and-coming rock group, Bluphoria, who have their debut out today.

The long international nightmare is over – The Hives have finally returned with new music! Just in time for their upcoming show at the Troubadour in Los Angeles (damn right I’m going!). Rancid have their second street punk single out from their next album, and we have a soulful solo number from Lee Fields. Matchbox Twenty have the second single from their upcoming album out, and Peter Gabriel is continuing his album roll-out with another track.

Belle & Sebastian have been on a productive kick, dropping a new track after already releasing an album earlier this year. Best Coast‘s Bethany Cosentino has released her first solo single since putting the band on hiatus, and Keturah drops the third song from her upcoming album.

Other returning champs are Magnolia Park, The Carolyn, The Bollweevils, Crush, Caroline Romano, Mayday Parade, Midtown, Nanna and Joy Buzzer. Joining the list for the first time this week are Sam Barber, Angel Du$t, Blusher, Jessye DeSilva, Meagre Martin, Nora Kelly Band, Babe Rainbow, Pacific Daydream, Ghost Hounds, Cosmic Kitten, Gardenia, Boy Named Banjo and Tennis Courts.

Start listening to all of these tracks and more in our New Music Friday Playlist!


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