Check This: Slaughter Beach, Dog – Your Cat

Artist: Slaughter Beach, Dog

Song: Your Cat

Genre: Indie, Emo, Pop Punk

It’s generally rare for me these days to keep up with the newest crop of the Warped Tour style bands I was weened on. Maybe I’ve become a pop punk curmudgeon, but few of these rookie acts hold up in my eyes to the Green Days and Jimmy Eat Worlds of the world. One of these newer acts that have cropped up on numerous sites and blogs over the years is Modern Baseball. Though none of the tracks I’ve sampled by MB have left an impression, thankfully it didn’t prevent me from trying out member Jake Ewald’s side project Slaughter Beach, Dog.

On his recent EP Motorcycle.jpg, SB,D tells small stories in a style that feels stream-of-consciousness over acoustic guitars, keyboards and drums. Highlight track “Your Cat” follows a narrator obsessing over a woman while simultaneously complaining about doctors and the heat. He sees his own pending demise, but remains hopeful Jesus will bring him back as a disciple, or even better, as his love’s cat. Quirk and humor can go a long way towards adding extra depth to songwriting, and Ewald brings it in spades.

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