Check This: Slaughter Beach, Dog – Motorcycle.jpg

slaughterbeach dog

As a new take on a previous check this by Bo, we revisit Slaughter Beach, Dog.

If you are hankering for some stories loosely connected full of rich detail and incomplete subplots that will leave you wondering how and where things went, then Slaughter Beach, Dog’s Jake Ewald writes songs for you.

His 2017 EP Motorcycle.jpg, is being re-released on limited edition vinyl with a few in bone white and deep blue as Motorcycle.LPG.  With the extremely limited re-release, his album deserves a bit of attention.

It oozes sweet simple melody and adorns the easy rhythms with a rich tapestry of words about the quotidian.  The music plays the line between folk and country beckoning the listener to fall into the warmth and become comforted by the well-paced tale.  It draws comparisons to The Weakerthans and The Mountain Goats– very welcome company indeed.

“104 Degrees” with its spoken word lyrics is the highlight- a colorful story about a boy and girl.  “Your Cat” is equally eloquent in its narrative.  “Glowing” is more of a slow burner and the final song on the EP “Building the Ark” has an easygoing acoustic rhythm to it.

These four songs will bring a smile to your face.  They may inspire you to listen to more and perhaps even pick up that bone white vinyl re-release. Slaughter Beach, Dog’s tales (not sorry.) are playful, fun, and pleasant.


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