Live Report: We Are Scientists at The Crocodile, 7/6/18


Artists: We Are Scientists, Beverly

Venue: The Crocodile, Seattle Washington

Date: July 6, 2018

When in a music city, I feel it’s important to make a pilgrimage to at least one of their local venues. For my trip to Seattle, WA, seeing some live music was a must, and it was by our luck that indie rock band We Are Scientists were in town playing at local venue The Crocodile. Opened in 1991, the venue has hosted groups like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Mud Honey and R.E.M., and continues to host known and up-and-coming bands.

The opening band was a group called Beverly. The four piece combined shoegaze-style vocals with heavy guitars and drums, harkening back to 90’s bands like The Breeders, with clearer harmonies. Tracks like “Honey Do” showed off their musical shops, while “Bulldozer” revealed a bit of swagger in the surf-rock vibe and lyrical arrogance (“This song is the best”). Some of their songs tended to drone too much for my taste and blend into others, but they mixed in enough bangers into their set list to keep things dynamic and hold the crowd’s attention.

We Are Scientists first came to my attention with their single “It’s a Hit” from their 2006 albumĀ With Love and Squalor. The three-piece came on stage like local heroes, even though they formed in California. The group’s angular, guitar rock was spiked with excellent energy, and they had a loose, humorous back-and-forth stage banter that kept the mood positive in the poorly air conditioned venue.

Aside from “It’s A Hit”, which was a set highlight for me, the group played a selection of songs from their new albumĀ Megaplex, including first single “Your Light Has Changed”. The group has some engaging riffs and memorable choruses, though few have the epic hooks that would get the band on the radio. But for the excitable crowd, who eagerly sang along with closer “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt”, this band is as good and relevant as when they hit the scene in 2006.

We Are Scientists – It’s a Hit

We Are Scientists – Your Light Has Changed

Beverly – Honey Do



We Are Scientists

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