Album Review: Goodbye Blue Monday – Misery-Punk Ruined My Life EP

Goodbye Blue Monday - Misery Punk Ruined My Life CD Sleeve Artwork FRONT ONLY

It’s one thing to turn depression into art – it’s another to turn it into barn-burning, explosive punk rock songs. Scottish punks Goodbye Blue Monday manage to do just that on their new three song EP, Misery-Punk Ruined My Life, out from Make-That-A-Take Records.

The title track blows the doors off the album. Dealing with the singer’s inability to escape his own misery in his writing, the track is full of high-speed guitars, pummeling drum beats, and throaty gang vocals. Despite the subject matter, the energy and harmonies in the song make lines like “Why must I be so miserable? Why are misery and I inseparable?” sound joyous.

“Worst in the Mornings” is another thundering, catch punk banger. One can hear similarities to bands like Red City Radio in GBM’s style, though the Scottish accents come through here to give the vocals an extra bit of flavor.  When hearing the vulnerability of the bridge, as the singer looks at facing another morning in a life he “can’t fucking stand”, it’s hard not to think of the group’s countrymen in Frightened Rabbit, whose lead singer Scott Hutchinson lost his battle with suicidal thoughts earlier this year. It’s good to see bands becoming less and less afraid to tackle the issue of mental health in their songwriting, as it’s clearly an ongoing issue that affects people across all borders.

The EP closer, “Love is a Noose for Two” is a fiery screed against marriage, and it’s part of caging oneself into a the constrictive life society’s values encourage. While not as catch as the first two songs of the album, the ideals in the song lambasting conformity can still be embraced by those married or against marriage.

With the Warped Tour gone away, here’s hoping great emerging punk bands like this can find avenues to find an audience here in America. If you enjoy any form of melodic, muscular rock music where the vocalist growls a bit more than he sings, you should give Goodbye Blue Mondays a shot.

Goodbye Blue Monday - Band Photo 2018

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