Check This: Drug Church – Avoidarama


Artist: Drug Church

Song: Avoidarama

Album: Cheer

Genre: Grungy punk rock

The vocals have a bit of Jawbreaker. The music has a bit of Nirvana with some Fugazi. It’s fuzzy, distorted punk out of Albany, New York. The band, Drug Church, has put out a couple full-lengths and recently released a single: “Avoidarama.”

This song is more rock-n-roll as it rolls through a back and forth with loud and quiet parts. But you can hear the punk edge waiting on the fringes of the song in the earnest vocals and raw guitars. It’s the lead single off of upcoming album Cheer and if their sound combines this evolution with what has come before this is going to be a good one.

The song is a good foray into their sound and works as a launching pad to their more aggressive side like 2017’s single “Weed Pin.” Though I know nothing of their live show, their sound melds perfectly with the cramped confines and sweet, sour smells of your local punk club. There are big punk breakdowns and lots of noise that would push your eardrums to the limits and I think you’d leave this show with ringing ears and a smile on your face.

#punk #drugchurch #checkthis

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