Check This: The Federal Empire – You and Drugs


Ever remember a band you liked that had a couple hit songs and then seemed to disappear, and wonder what happened to them? Well, sometimes they pop up as a new band and you can feel like you’re discovering them all over again.

Last week I heard The Federal Empire‘s song “I Never Liked Your Friends”, and knew the singer sounded familiar. It turns out it’s the new group from the singer of alt. rock band Carolina Liar, who had hits with “Show Me What I’m Looking For” and “I’m Not Over” some years back.

On Twitter, the singer said in regards to his former band, “It’s a full behind the music Vh1 style story. With what happened with CL. I totally burned the whole thing down and now its rebuild time!” I can gladly say his new group is a very solid build. Diving into the songs that have been released so far, one that stood out was the extreme catchy “You and Drugs”.

Lo-fi guitars allow Chad Wolf’s smooth, folksy vocals to sweep in, building into a huge, energetic ho-down chorus; “what’s the difference between you and drugs?” It’s a purely fun singalong, melding electronic elements with rock and country that may remind you of Avicii‘s “Wake Me Up” in the way it gets you moving.

The group is working on their first official full length album, so looking forward to getting new music from them soon.

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