Check This: Cloud Nothings – “The Echo of the World”


Artist: Cloud Nothings

Song: The Echo of the World

Album: Last Building Burning

Genre: Lo-fi pop prog rock

From elements of math rock to post-punk, Cloud Nothings have been churning out quick, rhythmic tunes for nearly a decade. This October, they’ll release their 5th studio album, Last Building Burning. A single from that album is our focus today: “The Echo of the World.”

Lo-fi fuzzy guitar and drums covered over with even more distorted vocals lead off the song which then hits a bridge of quick tapping and clear riffs encouraging progress, “forward on, forward on.” This is followed by complex rhythms that suggest a heavier emphasis on math rock type formulas. The song concludes with a minute of lead singer, Dylan Baldi, calling out in something akin to anger or agony. Overall, the song is heavy on the melody and a unique aggressive sound for a single from proposed pop rock band. Does this signal a shift to a darker more aggressive sound? We’ll have to wait another month to find out.

While waiting for the album to drop, dive into their discography. I especially dig their 2017 release Life Without Sound. Finally, they just released a set of dates for an upcoming tour so check them out live if you can.

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