Check This: The Vernes – Maybe I’ll Feel Better When I’m Dead

the vernes

There is something about this single that hangs on the heart strings and gently sways, pulling you down while also giving you lift like a kid’s swing in a park.  It’s like a slow rock back and forth, calling forth moments of sadness but buoyed by melodic, fuzzy indie sound and a unique voice, intimate and confidential that offer a simple subtle joy.

The Vernes, a four piece indie outfit from Philadelphia, are relatively unknown now.  But on the horizon (Sept. 28th to be exact- and reviewed RIGHT HERE a few days before the release) is their studio debut Maybe I’ll Feel Better When I’m Dead, the shared name with the single.  Having previously released a few songs via Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify, which are thoroughly enjoyable, they seem poised to take the next step.

We’ll dive deep into their record.  I just got a copy today and I feel like these guys have the potential to shake things up on the indie circuit.  Their brand of indie is infectious approaching shoegaze but big in sound with heavy use of cymbals, tasteful synth and drums, and clever guitar and bass play that blend so well with the unique pitch of the vocals.

Look out for our full review and until then, enjoy their single and their self-released self-produced collection of EPs (check out “Fcking Drones”)

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