Check This: The Struts – Body Talks (feat. Kesha)


Artists: The Struts, Kesha

Song: “Body Talks”

Album: Young & Dangerous (Due October 26, 2018)

Label: Interscope Records

Genre: Rock

By now, you’ve hopefully all heard of English rock band The Struts. An unabashed mixture of every classic rock n’ roll band (Queen, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, etc), the group brings undeniable attitude and swagger to their songs. And while they’ve done decently on the U.S. rock charts, they’ve yet to quite cross over into the mainstream Top 40/Pop world.

They’re aiming to change that with the remix of their latest single, “Body Talks”, off their upcoming album Young & Dangerous, where they’ve scored a feature from one of the most rocking of today’s modern pop stars, Kesha. The original version was already a sticky piece of hip-wagging blues rock, but its transformation into a duet of dueling come-ons and dirty talk has elevated it into the rare rock track which could crossover as it spreads through strip clubs and night clubs (think Buckcherry‘s comeback hit “Crazy Bitch”, but with the man and woman on equal footing) and finds its way into the mainstream.

Take a listen below, and if you think the track deserves to be a hit, share it, request it at radio, and help make it happen. Remember – you control the market.

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