Check This: Praything – I’ve Never Danced Like This Before


I was all set to talk about the silliness of this little dance pop single (“I’ve Never Danced Like This”) from Praything and then I listened to a couple other songs and found lush atmospheric indie rock (“You’ll Be Mine”) and “Soon Soon,” rich percussion buoying Novo Amor style chorus. And then “Lonely Girl” which has a U2ish sound seeming to beg to kick into some epic chorus but veering more into toned down electro-pop.

I was going to rip Praything (the performance name of Ju Kovecich) as a(n inadvertent?) rip off of Flight of the Conchords yet give him credit for writing a tight, infectious if poorly mixed dance-pop song (“I’ve Never Danced Like This”).   I went back and forth hearing a joke song (the voice, the “na-naas,” the harmonizing vocals) and then the serious side (the funky melody, the danceability, the passion).  In the end, the song won me over with the emPHASIS on the “FUH” in “I FUcking hate this feeling” sung with pleasure and pizazz.  And, then, as discussed above, I listened to all his singles and ended up quite impressed by the range of his sound.

He’s been around a bit, having released 2 EPs starting in 2012 and a few singles. His sound changes on each one and his explorations have yielded impressive results in whichever genre he’s dabbling in. Praything should be added to all your mixes.

Snack from the menu below and behold the truth of my words.

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