Interview: A Single Sit-Down: My Own Co-Pilot – Textures


DIY as heck. The music is composed and played by Michal Kosinski out of Gothenburg, Sweden and the lyrics and vocals via US based Derek Siemieniuk. Michal’s compositions draw inspiration from early 2000s post-punk and emo. Loud-quiet-loud-quiet, dramatic vocals, and crashing guitar and drums create this storm filling a void created by the shiny, speedy pop-punk of today.

Sans representation, these guys are just beating the digital pavement to spread the word on their EP Textures. They are just at the outset and we’re lucky enough to catch Michal for a brief interview. This being their first album, the skill in the interplay of music lyrics belies the fact that they haven’t even played together in the same room.

Indy Review: So how does doing a Trans-Atlantic band work?

Michal: I wrote all the songs for “Textures” before I even got in touch with Derrek, so with this EP the music was done before the lyrics were written…It’s not easy to get a vocal melody to sound good to a finished instrumental track, but Derrek [has] proved that he is a very talented musician and finished the job with great results.  

We just started to work on our next record… This time, I don’t have finished songs waiting for vocals, so Derrek will be involved [from an] early stage[, which] will allow me to edit parts of the songs and adjust them… It might take a bit longer to finish things up, but it will be worth it!

IR: Who are your musical inspirations?

Michal: One band that’s always been a inspiration to me is Jawbreaker, especially their album Dear You. Those guitars are some of the best-recorded guitars I have ever heard and I strive to come close to that sound. Another band that inspire me are the Norwegian trio Midnight Choir… Other bands that inspire me are Refused and Madrugada

IR: How did you and Derrek get hooked up?

Michal: When I started writing music for this EP I also started to search for someone who would do the vocals. I got in touch with old bandmates and people near me but I didn’t find anyone that I thought was good enough. [Then,] I went to and started to listen to LOADS of bands, in search for the right vocalist. I found a band called Save Empty Vessels and heard the song “Dissolve” – right away, I knew that this was the exact type of vocals that I wanted… Luckily for me, Derrek showed interest.

IR: Tell me about a couple songs off of Textures.

Michal: I would consider ‘When The Missing Return’ to be the single of the record. That song can stick in your head after one listen as it has energy, catchy melodies and great (sometimes brutal) lyrics!

I would suggest that people listen to ‘Remembering’ and that’s because the song has all the elements I want a My Own Co-Pilot’s song to have. It has some soft, melodic parts aswell as some heavy sections that work very well in this track. It’s also got a nice catchy ending that I think a lot of people will like. The vocal harmonies on this song also show how talented Derrek is as a singer. 

With a new record coming out some time in 2019, Michal and Derrek are continuing to promote their music via social media and have toyed with the concept of getting together for a tour citing a bit of grit and determination being all that’s needed.

I’ll be following these guys to see where they go next. With a sound reminiscent of emo-core heavyweights like early The Used and Thursday and some Taking Back Sunday lyrical play, My Own Co-Pilot are pushing for an emo resurgence and that’s fine by me.

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