Comeback Alert/Check This: Grandaddy – Bison on the Plains


Americana Electronica in the most American way. Grandaddy‘s songs are passing powerlines and endless rolling wheat covered hills with warm air and warm memories. They are dreamy, college rock from 1997 to now.


Exposed to them via “A.M. 180“ and “Summer Here Kids“ on their breakthrough 1st album Under the Western Freeway while in college, I had found a soundtrack for the long walks between classes and the countless sunsets watched wondering about existence along with other college fluff. They made appearances on mixes here and there, but largely left my music play catalogue.   Possibly because, the year I graduated, 2006, they took a break until a recent tour and a full length last year (Last Place) and another single or two leading up to “Bison on the Plains.”

Grandaddy makes warm jamming indie rock. Their incorporation of electronica, tuned to 8-bit nostalgic tones on their early work set them apart. Today, the DNA is still there but matured with electronica supporting the melody rather than overshadowing it.

“Bison on the Plains” isn’t a block buster but it is Grandaddy. It’s slow and and caught up in a dreamy cloud that marches lightly along to rich vocals rising to higher tones. It seems to capture the idea of slow, plodding progress through memory, travel, and learning.

Check out their 2017 full-length Last Place. If you haven’t listened to Grandaddy before, start with “Bison on the Plains” and then to this one. It’s more accessible than their late 2000s greats. But if you just want a new treasure for your playlist, add “A.M. 180”.


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