World Watch: I Am Waiting For You Last Summer


Country: Russia

American/Russian relations have been rough, to say the least the last couple years. While it seems like on the world political stage, our countries will not be able to connect in a meaningful way for many years down the line, that thankfully hasn’t prevented our ability to share art and music. This is good news for anyone who likes melodic, cinematic post-rock, as I Am Waiting For You Last Summer are a Russian export worth your time.

Melding both electronic and analog instruments in their sound, the group paints exciting and romantic soundscapes that can veer from tropical to classical (and in the same song, ala “The Great Escape”). On their latest EP, Together, IWFYLS incorporates sun-soaked guitars, soothing synths, mellow bass and even a bit of xylophone to create brilliantly evocative music that is good for the soul.

Listen to the EP below:

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