Check This: ELEL – Tequila


Artist: ELEL

Song: “Tequila”

Genre: Pop, Electro Pop, Indie

While nothing will ever really beat The Champ‘s mostly-instrumental, horn-laden jam “Tequila”, upstart indie pop band ELEL are looking to take the award for Second Best Song Named “Tequila”.

The group is riding a surge after gaining some success with the single “40 Watt” from their 2016 albumĀ Geode, and have been releasing singles throughout 2018, with “Tequila” being the most recent. The track with sped-up clapping and Ennio Morricone-ripping synth lines, creating an old west atmosphere, until the vocal hook comes in – “I need a tequila, la la la”. And man does it hook you. Grooving bass takes over, backed by a continuous background chorus of “las” and light piano. The hyperactive falsetto verses come in short bursts that power the song along with a fine blend of quirk and cool.

Enjoy this gem below.

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