Check This: Houses – Fast Talk


Artist: Houses

Song: “Fast Talk”

Genre: Indie, Electronic, Pop

Label: Downtown Records

Houses is one of two projects by multitalented songwriter/singer/producer Dexter Tortoriello. His first release as Houses was in 2010, but the discovery of his other project, Dawn Golden, by mega-producer Diplo, led to numerous opportunities to write, remix and guests on tracks from artists ranging from Martin Garrix to Kings of Leon.

With all of this varied experience under his belt, it’s not surprise the influence on Houses has evolved it beyond the first album. Opening with twinkling piano, Tortoriello lets his soulful voice carry the tune over some classic-sounding samples, creating an overall breezy, head-bobbing tune that ruminates about heaven, shangri-la and God being a cop you can “fast talk”. It’s like the 2018 version of “Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand”, and that’s meant completely as a compliment.

Listen below:

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